addmyberry is an Antwerp based fashion label that combines clothing with technology. Each of our articles is equipped with a QR-code which allows our customers to communicate and connect through fashion. To add an extra touch, we created the DARE TO SCAN-application inviting scanners and their friends to play a truth or dare game.

The addmyberry-team consists of young, creative and professional entrepreneurs who opt for a rock ’n roll atmosphere in each collection. This is the main reason why we use bold and ambiguous quotes. Also our interests in art, food and many other areas result in interesting and extraordinary collaborations. addmyberry is mostly famous for its collab with two-michelin-star restaurant ‘The Jane’ in Antwerp.

As a fashion brand, we strongly believe in the use and the power of social media. Therefore we position ourselves through different channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
This gives us the opportunity to communicate and interact with our fans from all over the world. We think the latter is essential as we are active in eight different countries and ship worldwide.

Besides our fashion line, addmyberry also runs a Private Label exclusively for companies. We offer customized clothing – from design to final product – including a unique QR-code. Behind this code we put everything the client wishes. The possibilities are endless: some people choose their website, others want their social media pages to be shown and even a complicated software tool is an option.


For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@addmyberry.com




WE DARE YOU TO SCAN... Check out the video below to get a glimpse of our application.